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I know there are Benz owners asking themselves, is it worth the time, effort and exspense to butcher up a perfectly good air filter body and purchase the required parts to complete this home brew rig?

Today I filled the fuel tank after nothing but stop and go city driving. Now the results in mpg doesn't come just from better induction, but it has been one of the largest increase of any mod I've made.
My 1987 W124030 with 170,600 miles on an original never been opened engine returned 20.2 mpg.

Also today while accompaning Joan, my wife, to Krogers and do as we do, I was at the magazine rack. Thumbing through the many performance mags for Rice Burners, I stopped at an add; AROSPEED. It depicts a Ford Mustang with a Cool Ram Air Induction System. A lot nicer than my El Cheapo, for there is more room at the front for the ram air. If your curious try or 1-877-4arospeed.

This really makes me feel swell.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from popping at the seams Houston.

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