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In the Bunker with Ted2222 & Mr. Swinford...

There are more threads started this way, and they all go to "flaming folders" in minutes.

I did a search on "SYN! SH+", and couldn't find anything. Change the oil, use what you want to. If you want to be educated, check out, or for information on synthetic oil. Mercedes ships all of their new cars with Mobil 1 in the crankcase, even during break-in...

Do a search on this forum using the tool on the upper right hand corner, Search "topsider" and "oil", You will be amazed, I assure you. Personally, I have had synthetic in my car for the past 80,000 of the total 208,000 on the odometer.

And, Mr. Swinford, I must insist, sir, that you supply me with the information on building my own topsider post haste. As a courtesy, of course.

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