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Out of curiosity (I don't recall this having been discussed before) I used the "search" button above for '300TE tailgate' key words, and only came up with the following thread from the archives:
Should I buy a 1988 300TE?
Not much on shocks, but othjer tailgate issues. I am sure someone with a 300TE will get back to you. The website http://www.************************ has an interesting catalog you can order that is specific to each series of MB, and has diagrams of the major systems. I have found the PartsShop prices to be better, however - about the best around from what I have purchased. I think that forum member "Michael" has a TE, but earlier than yours, so maybe the shock(s) are different. Good luck, and I hope you find this forum as addictive as the rest of us

(BTW, RSBiomedical = Research Scientist Biomedical?)

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