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What a numerous posts and stories; my english is getting better day by day!

everybody is trying to moralize something and somewhere and try to lecture you something, but as far as I knew myself as I was your age (which hasn't been that long ago) I think most of it will pass you without any positive effect.
In europe one is not to drive a car before the age of 18 and I bought my first car (a VW Golf GTD (Diesel)) before I was 18 and before I had my driving license.
I drove this car for some 160k km in the same way as I drove my 190D (hard and a kind of Asocial...and loved it...until I lost control and ended up in a ditch on the left side of a straight road whilst doing 140km/h.
This didn't bother me that much, I bought myself a 190D and went on as if nothing ever happened.

I know that you think you will not get caught in an accident (I thought that as well) but just stay alert and now when it is possible and when NOT to drive hard.
I enjoy my diesel the most when I am driving it hard and throw it through the curves as well. It is more fun to race with that "slow" car as it is with one of the two 300's I own.
To get back to your question: the Benz can take a lot of the crap you put it through...

Mike Tangas,
By making the same mistake again, I meant the mistake of being caught, not the mistake of driving to fast. Whenever I decide to drive to fast I know that it can end up loosing my driving license and donating lots of money to the state, but hell: one has to complete ones lack of brains by putting in some money where ever it is needed!
It is not a mistake to drive a little fast, it is a mistake being caught...

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