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It is Sunday morning after a time change, so my telepathic skills are running a little weak this morning. What MODEL and YEAR are you driving?

We don't know if this is a climate control or a manual system. For example, with a 124 car, the climate control will automatically delay engaging the compressor to give the engine time to build oil pressure.

The compressor being engaged while starting the engine won't hurt the compressor, it will hurt the engine because of the added load while oil pressure is building up.

The compressor and clutch are designed to kick on and off while the engine is at speed so it doesn't hurt the compressor.

If you do have a 124 or newer car, just set the temperature where you want it, push the center button and FORGET about it. You can turn the temp dial a few degrees cooler or warmer after temp has stabilized, but let the thermostat do the work. By maxing or mining you will get to comfortable temperature no quicker. The system will get it to the set temp as quick as it can.

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