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Please tell us were the seven are. This would be a great help since it is not covered in the forums

I also know of the problems with the manafolds behind the glove box.

The ACC system on the 560SL is a weak point on the cars -- I would love to find a good overview of the system.

I have spent more money over the years on this system than any other on the car.

So far the unit inside the heater box still works -- but I have fixed many other parts.

Last year when my center vents stopped working it was the single unit to the left of the radio that was bad - the problem is that I could not figure out the system -- I had to take it to the dealer for service.

You can tell if the system is leaking -- the dealer told me to just turn the car off -- if the system still changes the vents after it is sitting for a while than all should be leak free enough to be working correctly.
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