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i currently own a UK registered 1997 SL320 fitted with a hard top, the red roof switch on the centre console is permanently lit, there is no sign of any activity from the roof motors when the switch is flicked forward to release the hard top and put up the soft top. i have checked the wiring harness to the fuse box and i have power at the fuse box. i'm not sure where to look for the roof control unit, i have tried under the front seats, located there are two ECU type units, one under each seat, which i understand is the seat control units.(is the roof unit connected to these? the power seats are not working either.. possible damp under seats????)
also under the rear seats are two ECU's, the one is for the transponder/immobiliser unit, but what is the other one for???
any help on the above problem would be greatly appreciated, if any one has the wiring diagrams for the roof system could they mail me details??

richy(UK Wales)
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