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Hello, all.
I need to know if any of you know anything about either of these three (see below) MB engine rebuilders.

I've decided to have my low output (e.g., 8:1 compression ratio) engine ('84 280GE, with a M110.994) swapped with a remanufactured long block prepared as the higher output European car engine version (high compression pistons, hotter cam). However, I'd like to solicit input (viz., references, in effect) for selection of the shop from whom I'll procure the rebuilt, customized engine.

I've found three candidate outfits, each claiming years of experience on MB engines, quality work, and willingness to do the customizing:
1) NOEL's, of Winter Park, FL
2) METRIC Automotive Engines, of Canoga Park, CA.
3) EIS, of Portland, OR.

My question -- have any of you had any dealings with any of these companies, or heard anyone comment on their quality. If you prefer, please feel free to e-mail me privately/confidentially.

Thanks very much to all, in advance.
Ken C. < >

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