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Good question. The following site says that you will loose the high beams unless you modify the headlight housing to use BOTH the old halogen and the new Xenon bulb. This doesn't sound like a great idea to me, as the reflectors are designed for a bulb to be in a certain spot - moving the bulb will change the headlight pattern. They recommend installing them in the auxilliary lights if you want to keep your high beams intact, but then you would just have a bright aux light, and I would rather buy a set of Hella Xenon driving lights to add on than have blue fog lamps. Finally, they note that none of the Xenon conversion kits are street legal. If you modify the housing to take both bulbs, and the police make you change back, you could wind up having to buy new stock headlight housings. You have to ask what your goal is: More usable light, or a blue look. If it is just more usable light, get the Euro headlights, run a larger diameter wiring harness with relays to make sure the bulbs get max current, and install the "High Peformance" Phillips or Hella bulbs in stock wattage, or maybe even consider a slight over-wattage. If it is just a blue look and you don't care about the high beams, go with the xenons without modifying the bulb sockets. My $0.02 worth , and please let us know how things work out on this project. It sounds fun!

Also good discussions about bulbs at

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