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Leave the transmission mount as is. I think there is a heat shield that covers part of the driveshaft. If so, this will have to come out. The centering stub on the output flange mates with a pilot bearing in the nose of the front end of the shaft. To separate these components, you will have to looses the compression nut on the center section splined joint and disconnect the center support bearing carrier from the body. Once you have removed the flex disk nuts and capscrews, slide the front end of the shaft back until the centering stub is free of the pilot bearing in the shaft. Do not separate the shaft into two pieces unless you clearly mark the relationship between the front and rear sections. The shaft is balanced in a certain orientation between the front and rear sections and if not reassembled correctly may end up out of balance. Bolt the flex disk to the tranny flange first and then replace the shaft and finish the job. Make sure you obtain new hardware for the flex disk (new nuts and capscrews). Not recommended for reuse. Put it all back and drive it home...
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