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If those mileage numbers aren't inconsistent, as Carfax says. just what are inconsistent mileage readings?
I completely agree... I don't really understand why Carfax says it has a TMU title and then thinks the mileage readings are "consistent".... I think it is silly and it makes me wonder how reliable Carfax really is. I've done some further research and believe the car was originally sold as TMU since the odometer was replaced in 1992. For some reason, the selling dealer sold the car and reported the mileage as 99,999. To the best of my research, it really did have the 64k on it and the mileage readings thereafter are correct. I'm not sure why the 64k pops up again in 2001, but I believe the 206k on the car now is correct. Any thoughts PEH? Would you shy away from something like this? I'm afraid the Carfax might make it difficult to resell... Other than the complete service history, records, new head, etc, do you see any real reason I shouldn't buy it? Just looking for opinions from the experts.
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