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yesterday (saturday) i installed my newly rebuilt 240d engine into my not-so-new '77 240D. as usual the project was over budget and over-time, but well worth the efforts in the end; even the installation took longer than expected. long story short, i truly 'finished' installing the engine this morning (superbowl sunday) and cranked her up. i had to reassure myself that turning her over for about 1 minute or so before she kicked in was probably normal for a rebuilt engine that was being run for the first time. anyhow, with the exception of the fuel injector pump being ever so slightly out of time (hardly noticable, though i will have it proffessionally tuned), she runs like clockwork (much better than the previous, low compression engine). there was only one hitch, and this may be minor......we shall see tomorrow. there was a slight oil leak from the cap bolt on the timing chain tensioner. this could be simple in that if i am lucky i can get an offset box end wrench in there to hope fully take it out, re-washer and seal it, then tighten it back down. unlucky if i have to take off the a/c compressor as well as its mounting bracket and the water pump......ugh. wish me luck on fixing the slight leak. any suggestions on how to do this easily would be of great value.
william gum
brand new old '77 240D
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