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sorry, I just re-read my post, it looks a little stiff. I was not offended, I just realized that I was a little negligent in my reasons of why I thought it was wheel bearings. I see your point, without knowing that I had brakes done it does look like I am out in left field.

I just had the front brakes done three months ago, new rotors and pads. I doubt if it is those, but who knows. And lordy those people are not shy about asking for money for those fancy high-performance brake parts.

Since the brakes are new, it is probably something more exotic, like calipers, god forbid, or wheel bearings.

Who knows, might be distended pads from an oil leak. I am such a novice at this part that I probably shouldn't be guessing.

Thanks for the input.

This conversation reminds me of why I stopped telling mechanics what I thought was wrong with my car when I took it to them.

93 400e 92k
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