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Guys, guys, guys these mods aren't to copy Mercedes necessarily. Then it is a copy of a copy. The German Touring and Japan Touring race cars all use these enhancements. Actually, the Mercedes borrowed this concept as well from experimentation from these race vehicles. I am guessing. People use to do and guess still do this since the early '90s. It is not a big deal. They also have kits to modifiy your wiper correctly. So, it covers most of the windshield and is fast enough to wipe the windshield. The only problem I have is that some people don't know what they're doing and the wiper isn't fast enough. Then, they can't see b/c the wiper isn't fast enough during a big downpour. Those are the people to be careful of during the rain. What is interesting is that Rally cars usually don't have these mods. There is a reason why. I saw a circuit car race in which, they modified a Eclipse's wipers from the roof down. His wipers stopped during, heavy rain and made him spinout during the race. Be careful of cars that modified the wipers during, the rain. BTW, why on the older W-126 cars do they have two wipers that one wiper only goes halfway? It is a good concept for the passenger. My wipers wipe from right to left. It would be more beneficial for left to right on those cars. Then, the driver would get double wiping. I know the second wiper is to help wipe the places where the first wiper cannot. I guess it is to not impair the vision like, why they put only one wiper for circuit racing. It is only beneficial to people in UK and Japan who, drive on the right not, for people on the left. It is weird. Germans drive on the
left like, us in the USA.
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