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E300 Diesel Estate

Hello y'all,

I test drove a '94 model E300 Diesel (W124 non-turbo) auto estate with a view to buying it. (I didn't). It had 190,000 miles on the clock and seemed to have been well looked after.

I'm used to a 230TE (hardly a mover) but was shocked by the sluggish performance of the diesel version. As it's the only one I've ever driven, I have no point of comparison. Was this one unusually slow or are they all like this?

Could some please give me an indication of the sort of acceleration this non turbo version ought to be capable of? Also, should it have a kickdown switch? (No amount of mashing the pedal to the floor would induce it to change down.)

I would like to buy one of these, but not if I'm going to be outgunned by a London taxi.

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