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Longstoe Post Haste

I am preparing the pictures for my El Cheapo Topsider Oil Changer and the El Cheapo Pressure One Man Brake Bleeder. Ashman presented my Pictures of Donald's Cool Ram Air and he did a marvelous job. Now if I can impose on his generiousity again, you will get the pictures and literates too. Some members have asked for pictures of my repainted '87 300E. I may show it at the same time, provided I have some digitals of Him.

I'm glad someone besides myself is aware of the Redline Synthetic oil. I've always beem reluctunt to bring up this subject because it just brings up the same old stuff again. But if I was going that way it would be my choice, Red Line.

Don't give up on me getting the pictures and literals to the forum.

Happy Trails Beep Beep from slow polk Houston.

Donald, King of the El Cheapo Line
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