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The happiest times in life have been underneath my 240D or 300D...

I have no idea why I get a high from working on cars, seriously.
Some guys get high on golf or stocks or having parties or chasing the ladies, but I actually cant wait until its 4:30 today and I can take a run over to the nearby U PULL IT junkyard to look at a 300D core for rebuilding. Or why I took off yesterday and had the day of my life working on my car in 30 mph winds and on 2 hours of sleep.
I think part of the reason is that Mercedes W123 cars are so well constructed and so fun to work on. The only other car I enjoy is my Volvo 940 Turbo which is getting some neat mods, too, to boost the HP
I guess I could afford a really nice car ( ie qualify for a loan and be poor in everything else) like a BMW or Maxima, but i would always rather have a Mercedes W123 Diesel and I am looking to buy another one and redo another engine.
I like they way they look and drive..
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