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CTH350 and Stevebfl,

Thanks for the valuable feedbacks.

Well, I can see that the key aspect of this not-so-simple procedure is to meticulously itemize and source all the required parts/assemblies before even the first bolt is touched. I can also see that a significant number of new parts are necessary to ensure a top-notch transplant. The nature of the work would also necessitate a proper garage set-up with professional expertise. It is really not the kind of job that could be effectively accomplished with a weekend mobilization of buddies inspired by generous supplies of distilled/fermented spirits. Yup CTH, I certainly do not relish the prospect of "levitating a 100 pound block of alloy steel" over my head in my driveway.

A grand excursion to the junkyard(s) is in order and we’ll see what parts could be extracted from the disemboweled W116s.


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