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Hey all,

Have a few questions about changing filters on my 87 560 SEL. I decided the change all the filters that don't normally get changed for part of my pseudo-tune-up at 100,000 miles. I'll have my mechanic do more of the involved stuff, but I figure I can save a few bucks this way. I do routine oil changes myself and have done brakes, discs and pads on all 4 wheels. I like to learn and experiment with the maintainence, as I love my car and love saving the money. So, here goes! I'm looking for info on what to look out for and any general tricks to these items. There's usually an easy way, but I generally can't figure it out.

-Fuel Filter
They said it was near the back of the car in some cylinder that I'm supposed to be able to pry open. Is it toward the front of the gas tank? I've haven't looked too hard yet.

-Power steering filter
Is it in the fluid resivor? I know where that is. Do I have to drain some fluid?

-Transmission filter
My scariest one. They said I have a drain plug, which is good, but how much fluid comes out when draining on a flat surface? All of it or part of the capacity? Also, what type of ATF fluid should I use? The filter part looks straightforward with the three screws. Anything to look out for here?

-Oil filter
Know this one!

What else should be done on my car at 100,000 miles that my mechanic should do or that I can do at home?

Thanks for the advice and info.


87 560 SEL
96 Lincoln Town Car
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