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No Mo' Dino So'...


Vote when and where you choose, but please do your homework on the subject first? Your math really don't add up, cuz. Go to the websites that I suggested, and then answer this question: Isn't Mobil 1 at least "4 times better"? AND Remember that Mercedes Ships All Of It's Cars From The Factory Now With Mobil 1 In The Crankcase!

What are we all going to do when there IS NO MORE "mineral" (read dinosaur squeezin's) oil? Face it, we ain't got no more dinosaurs to make that stuff from...

Trust me, folks, let's all face the facts, synthetic oil is both more ecological, and it is the wave of the future.

P.S. Stefan, they also have "More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Additives", You're preachin' to the choir, Son.
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