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it is just typical of MB and many other mechanics to say it is not enough to just change the bad actuator, that you should change all the "suspect" ones and even the good one. sure, throw money and parts at it to keep it working (and them working).
my flaps were not working either. i took the vacuum diagrams, tested all the lines and switchover valves and found 2 problems - a bad check valve and bad center vent actuator. the check valve is causing the system to lose vacuum soon as i turn off the engine. its an easy fix. the center vent actuator looks like it is really tough to get at, i can't figure it out. so i plugged the line leading to it with a golf tee and the rest of the system now works correctly. the center vents lay permanently open
can anyone here please tell me how to get at the center vent actuator? i removed the instrument cluster, radio, center panel that has the pushbutton unit, glove box and lower right side dash cover. i just don't see how that black box for the center vent flap is accesible.
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