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noise is like this "rum rum rum rum rummmmmmmm rum rum " and then when I hit the brakes "ruummmmp!" and away the sound goes, going up in tone and disappearing. Sometimes comes back right away, sometimes not.

I do not know for certain if the stuff was oem, but the shop I take it to is very reputable and the trust factor is high with these guys. I have not laid eyes on their brake work.

I intended to look at the brakes for buildup/contamination when I had them off.

I agree, probably not the bearings, but another thing I found out in my research is that the brake carrrier bolts have microglue on them (overengineered, like it) and should be replaced every time you take them out. And I figured, while I am in there, I will check the grease and see if it is stiff or pliable.

Then I got to thinking, well heck, since I am in there, I might as well check out all the rubber too, and do the wheel bearings, and maybe rebuild the brake calipers. That way, I probably won't have to worry about those items for the rest of the life of the car.

Once I finish, I will have cleaned up the inside of the calipers ($750 each, don't want them to go south), replaced the old grease and wheel bearings with new, looked at the brakes, and checked out the state of the front suspension. Since I intend to keep the car for ever (ever being defined as "until the 500e comes along") the more maintenance moles I can whack, the better.

If I put that thing back together and the noise is still there, I will know that it is probably pads or such, since the noise is definately rotational.

thanks for the input,


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