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Originally posted by tan man
can anyone here please tell me how to get at the center vent actuator? i removed the instrument cluster, radio, center panel that has the pushbutton unit, glove box and lower right side dash cover. i just don't see how that black box for the center vent flap is accesible.
Thanks to Frank (ftouchton), here is his answer to me on how he was able to do this.

"To get to the defrost accuator you must remove the cigar tray, climate control and the radio. I also recommend removing the console for better access.You do not have to remove the dash. All of the above mentioned items are very easily removed. The actuator is a pain to remove but reassembly is easy. Do a vaccum check on the actuator before removal, if it holds vaccum just replace the lines. Before doing any of the above do a vaccum check of the whole system. It is lot easier to replace a vaccum line than to replace the defrost actuator."

Please see this post: "Center Vents not working...Yes, I know this is a common problem", 07-16-03.

"I just replaced my defrost vent actuator on my 86 560sl. It can be a ***** to get to, I had to remove the console to get to it. The actuator is on the left upper side of the radio. it is a dual actuator that can be removed and repaired or replaced. it has three wiz nuts holding it on the bracket, I broke the actuator removing it. I bought the actuator for my 86 about a year ago and had read that you have remove the dash to service it. to install a new one you have to remove the wiz nuts to get it out or take it apart to replace the diaphram."

"The 107 maintenance manual says to remove the dash to service the actuator, DON"T DO IT. You can get to the actuator thru the center dash openig if you remove the climate control unit, radio and console it is on the upper left of the opening there is a rivet holding the arm to the top of the actuator this has to be drilled out, I used a #10 drill bit. if you get the parts and the tool to disasemble the actuator the new diaphragm should be a snap to change. On my 560 it is a dual actuator so you have two pieces to remove. Make sure the new actuator is seated properly or you will be back where you started. You will have to use a machine screw w/ locknut or a rivet to hold the arm on the actuator, don't over tighten or it may bind up. Putting everything back together is a snap. I did mine last week, so if you need any guidance let me know."

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