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Tan man:

If the center vents are not opening (they default closed - w/no vac) you could have no vac going to it or the unit could be bad -- they only way to tell is to hook a line to it (it sounds like you did this). If that is the case than it is a big job - the unit is inside the heater box -- why I do not know -- this is a very bad design.

I also do not understand how you can plug the line to make it work since it only will open the vents if it has vac?? If it opens it is working??

In my case the center vents were not getting vac -- so they would not open. It was the unit for the defroster -- this is the one located behind and to the left of the radio. this is a two position unit -- partial when you want to have air at the window and at you feet -- all the way when in defrost mode.

I am not sure what was bad on the unit -- was about 65.00 -- total cost was around 400.00

The new unit was a little larger and looked much stronger than the original.

All the other units are original - I was luckey it was not the center unit
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