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Scott Longston referenced manually shifting his automatic transmission.
I know there are more that know how this is done, but for those who don't I would like to pass on the method I use.

When the road conditions or you want some fun try something other than automaic "D".
To utilize all 4 gears in our 2nd gear starters:
Place gear selector in "2" position. This shifts and locks in "1st" gear.
Excellerate as you want, then move shift lever to "3" position and immediately shift back to "2' position. This now upshifted and locks the transmission in "2nd" gear.
Continue to excellerate and when you want, move the shift lever to "3" position. You now upshifted and locked the transmission in "3rd" gear.
If you are going all out, you will be at the century mark where you move the shift lever to "D" and you are in "4th" gear and cruising.
This is how I get around buying that ever so expensive valvebody conversion.
Works for me.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from stick shift Houston.

Donald, on the sly
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