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Disclaimer Applies to My Disclaimer Too!


I didn't mean for that to be directed at you. I was just commenting on your "I'm not a tech" statement. I wrote the "disclaimer" (at least my part of it) for fun, and a way of expressing my sense of humor.

The disclaimer from MercedesShop I quoted at the bottom, in Italics however, is a different matter. That statement, posted conspicuously all over the site does constitute a legal disclaimer.

I hope everyone, including the owners and principals of MercedesShop, LLC understand, and don't think I'm making fun of their disclaimer, or that I am in any way suggesting that someone not take that part seriously.

To review:

My "Disclaimer", only mine, and only semi-serious...

MercedesShop Disclaimer, Legal, and Stone-Cold Serious!

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