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For the front bushings you need a coil spring compressor. It is dangerous if you dont use one. You can rent one from a parts supplier. The front bushings can be pressed out of the A-frames with home-frabricated tools long bolts, washers and the proper size pipe.
The rear bushings are integral parts of the camber struts, thrust arms, pulling struts, and pushing struts and the bushings are not sold seperately from the links.
The bushings can be pressed out of the rear control arm the same way as the front A-frames.
A spring compressor is not necessary to remove the rear suspension links, but if the rear control arm is removed to replace the bushings either a spring compressor must be used or the coil spring be safety chained in and a hydraulic jack used to support and lower the control arm.
The motor mounts and rear trans mount can be replaced with simple hand tools and a hydraulic jack.
The rear subframe mounts require that you either purchase an expensive tool to remove them or fabricate your own. I am in the process of making my own tools for pressing out the subframe mounts using galvanized pipe that a plumber freind will cut to length for me.
I suggest purchasing the Haynes manual and the 201 Service manual on CD-rom. The Haynes has better illustrations on the suspension work. Haynes publishing company is in Somerset England.
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