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To All,
I have a 1999 C230K. It's time to change the brake rotors and pads. I have already purchased Brembo cross drilled rotors and now I need a set of brake pads to go with them. I was wondering, what brand of brake pads (EBC, Axxis, etc) would be best for better performance and less dust than OEM. I know people have used these brands with good results... but have anyone used them with brembo cross drilled? A lot of the internet suppliers don't show brakepads for 1999's but only 1996-98. And are the 1999 brakes the same as the 1998?? How much money would I be looking at for an installation job? How long does a brake job take (rotors and pads)? My local shops charge about $65-75/hour for labor. Any info and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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