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300D injectors...on the job

well i'm changing out my injectors on my 78 300D. i had removed all 5 injectors and was inspecting the holes where these guys sit in. i had removed the heat shields inside of the injector housing just to clean up all of the carbon gunk that had been building up in those holes. i found something very interesting. facing the engine head on...injectors 1-4 have the same hole opening inside of the injector housing. however the 5 injector housing has a significantly larger one. i'm assuming that the standard size opening for these injectors is 7.5mm but i think that since injector 5 is significantly larger in size...i'd suspect that its a 10.00mm opening.

if i just let this go and install a heat shield over this 10.00mm when in fact my heat shield openings are at standard 7.5mm...will this affect performance of the car significantly or am i just be too conscious about what i'm doing...

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