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ah yes all those ripoff's

Guys while MB does get ripped off quite a bit, T think that BMW takes the crown as the most ripped off automaker. Look at the headlights on the Lincoln LS and you will have to look for the BMW parts number to be sure that they aren't directly taken off a BMW. Pontiac has taken to using a dual kidney grill on all their pathetic cars, only about 40 years after BMW made it their look. They've been trying to nail Pontiac for years with no success. Off course Pontiac's most famous "borrowed" idea was the GTO.

Ripoff's are common now and always have been. Sure Lexus does lift the look of MB somewhat, but MB has gone out of their way to compete with other manufactures. The creation the the 190E, the creation of the Classes, and the buyout of AMG where all done on the BMW model.
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