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I cgoodwin is 100% correct. When I start my day, I diagnose first, order parts, and then do the repairs. I must confess, some times I line the cars up with the most likely chance of geting repaired on the same day. 20+ year old cars sometimes slip to the bottom of the list. I will still do the diagnosis on the day promised, or at lease with in 2 days, but it will be at the end of the day after the "cash flow cars" are completed. Most of my customers know this and acept it. If they can't acept it, I recommend they find someone else to do the repairs. Nothing will bring a "one man shop" to a standstill quicker than a car that you can't get parts for, or the information needed to fix it quickly is not available without some diging.
Try to schedule a day with even 1 old car and several "cash flow cars" and then promise to get the 1 old car taken care of as schedueled.
Sorry, bring it and leave it, and I will call you when it is ready.
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