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But, Don...

I've never seen you like this! Have you forgotten that you came from a unique generation of men and women who were blessed with Intelligence, Ingenuity, Invention, and Intestinal Fortitude?

The current crop of carrots couldn't do on their best day, the stuff you and your peers had to do to survive every day. If it was up to them to win the second world war, we'd all be driving German cars. Uh, strike that last comment. But I think YOU can appreciate what I am saying...

But please don't misunderstand, Bob Bondurant was an early proponent (that means he was in favor) of shifting automatic transmissions just like they were manuals! There really is a proper technique to doing it that only comes with practice, and some bone-heads out there might just cock-it-up (as the brits say), without some guidance.

We're just trying to supply information we feel might be helpful to less sophisticated members of this forum. Remember? We're here to, oh, how do those youngsters say it? Drop some science on 'em? Yeah! That's it! How long did you say, 13 years and 177,000 miles? Were you as good at it on day one as you are now? patient, it took us years to get up to our level of expertise. The kids now days don't even know how to spell.

Pampers, you say? Sir, I am insulted by your very inference. How DARE you, sir? Any civilized person knows that today, the modern baby-ass demands Huggies Ultrathins, and nothing less will do!

Happy (Hour?) Beeeep Beepp, frum you kids get offa my lawn dammit! hou'son (and that goes DOUBLE for me here in the wine country), Yipeee!

And now, read this last part really, really fast, 'K?

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And always remember kids: ", LLC takes no responsibility whatsoever for any technical assistance offered by anyone in the Shop Forum. The Risk is 100% yours.."

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