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Originally posted by Rick S
Thanks to 500SEC for volunteering to help me.

1) Where do these wholesalers get their cars?
2) I watched a 1987 300E with ~140k miles go at auction on EBay for $4,500. The wholesaler reported that the car was in great condition and included photos of outside & interior that looked super clean. I will not attribute other specific statements to him since I cannot recall them exactly. However, he promised complete satisfaction - or deposit cheerfully refunded (and I have no reson to doubt him). It "looks too good to be true" (and I know what this usually means) that such a car in exellent condition could a) be sold to a reseller at a price that could yield a reasonable return to the reseller and b) fetch only $4,500 at retail.

What perspective can you lend?
I purchased my wagon on e-bay and had a company called lemon busters do the inspection. I would grade them about a C- they missed things like the tailgate shocks, faulty oil pressure sensor I mean real simple stuff. If you do buy e-bay I highly recommend they have a good profile CHECK THE ITEMS FOR CARS there is one guy selling with a profile of 700+ and it only includes 2 cars and he had negative feedback on both. Don't get me wrong even paying for a little work I got a steal! Another thing you can do is pull a Carfax and call the previous owners. I agree however with all the previous post on e-bay you can save double the money I shopped 9 months for mine and paid for 2 failed inspections on other bids, but be quadruple careful there are a lot of losers out there that only want your money.
Good luck,
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