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My 300D does not blow cold air out of the center vents with the A/C is on. Yes I know that 90% of you guy and gals don't need A/C this time of year, but some of us live on the Gulf Coast and do. Don't you just love it. When I removed the glove box and looked in I saw that the louvered door just flopped around and did not appear to be connected to anything. Also the molded rubber shield which connects the duct outlets with main air duct was not attached. When I turn on the A/C nice cold air is directed out of the center central duct and blows inside the dash. My questions are:
1. Where is the vacuum solenoid located for the ACC?
2. Can the molded rubber piece be repositioned or is it a one time use item?
3. Are there suppose to be lights in the control face of the environmental controls?
4. There is a molded black plastic tube that appears to be a drain, it was laying next to the central duct system, it runs under the glove box and exits near the passenger side panel. What is this?
Please help, its getting hot down here!
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