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hmm I havent seen anyone mention one thing.

I thought that oil was made to be mixable with various brands/types.

I'm not saying that means all types, but I would assume that there has to be a certain standard to make all engine oils mixable. Now some might mix better than others, but generally I thought that all oil was supposed to be designed to be mixable with other brands.

So are you guys saying that synthetic oil can in no way be mixed with regular oil?

Isn't there a government mandated requirement for all oils stating they have to be mixable?

I think I remember reading something about this in another posta while back.

Larry bible Where are yout o clear this up?


Personally I'll use whatever oil is the best, whether synthetic or not.

I don't plan on switching to synthetic just yet though. i want to wait until the head has to come off and the timing cover before I start changing to the synthetics.

I have heard that synthetics can seep through areas that regular oil wouldn't, and leaks can be found because the gaskets have already been conditioned to regular oil.

Thats why I would rather wait until I have to replace some of those gaskets before switching over.

I figure if the head gasket, timing gasket, and oil pan gasket are changed, then switching to synthetic for me would be done. i just don't trust them old gaskets that much. hehe
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