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There is a goofball in my neighborhood, teaches high school, has a bronze VW Bug (old version), with the Rolls Royce hood tacked on to the front and large whitewall tires. Flattery? We've petitioned the City to have him removed as a zoning violation....

Elau wrote that MB should dump Chrysler. If you noticed in your business pages yesterday, it looks like they're beginning to do just that - 23,000 jobs terminated through attrition and early retirement and 6 plants ceasing production, one here in the US. By the way, I've always thought it was Chrysler itself that had the most blatant and ridiculous Benz rip-off of all time. I'm blanking on the model name, but the grille and the hood ornament were obvious.

Mr.W123 wrote that BMW may be the most ripped-off marque. Perhaps. My oldest and dearest friend of 33 years is a BMW freak. Shortly after I purchased my 300E, I was in Arizona visiting and we met for a round of golf, as usual. For some reason while we were parked next to each other in the parking lot getting ready to leave, I ran the windshield washers and, natch, the single arm wiper did it's thing. He went crazy! He jumped out of his Z3, ran to the driver's side window of my car and demanded that I run the thing again! And again.

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