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I never took a look into this post before, but now I see it has something to do with wipers and single and vertically...

I do not know what everybody is talking about...but

* The single vertical wiper comes out of the motorsport...
* If you have the wiper parked just at the right of the middle, it is not in your sight (I have heard...)
* Every VW Golf or Opel Kadett driver in europe with a little nit of self esteem has a one-wiper system mounted on his car (although is is not legal)...
* the one wiper mercedes system sucks! Cars with 2 wipers wipe, in general, half a window per wiper. My Benz has ONE wiper to push around the dirt from the entire left to the entire right (and back again). If it is raining in the dark and you face upcomming traffic, the mercedes wiper system will just get you blinded.

Mercedes finally settled this mistake by producing the new W203 C-class with two wipers again!

...vertical-parked-one-wiper-system...I wonder why people do that kind of things...

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