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Go to for more information on their products. Personally, their one statement that cemented the deal for me was:

"What this all means for you.

It means there's no wax or contaminants in your oil to create sludge and cause premature wear.
It means Mobil 1 pours freely in the coldest and hottest temperatures, which gives your engine a break, as well as your battery.
It means your engine can run like new for hundreds of thousands of miles."

Now, why did you say you wanted to combine Mobil 1 with other oil?

Yes, you CAN combine synthetics and dino oils, but why would anyone want to negate the superior properties of this synthetic? And why would a bright person like you be willing to operate on hearsay urban-legends, when you can go to websites like Mobil's, and to get the facts about synthetics?

Besides, the legends would only vaugely apply to older cars with 100K+ miles on the clock...

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