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Originally posted by P.E.Haiges

In opinion, any tire that that is rendered unuseable by a pothole type road hazard that does not damage or bend the rim is not designed properly for the use it is intended.

And for a tire company to not replace an improperly designed tire that has failed is unconscionable. Probabaly they do it because they know their tires are improperly designed and don't want to pay for their errors because they would loose too much money.

The way I read your road hazard warranty, its not worth much either because it lasts only 3 years and not the reasonable life of the tire.

Several years ago, I was parking my new 328i, I hit the curb, which was made of stone with very sharp edges. To me it was a very, very slight hit, but it cut up the tire and the even scraped the wheel. I almost kicked myself for doing it. I did not complain to Continental Tire for making inferior tires because it was my negligence. Tire companies cannot be held resonsible for driver's negligence just as the camera companies cannot be held reposible if you dropped and broke your camera. No tires for consumer use can be designed and made indestructible. I think we are expecting too much when we feel manufacturer should stand behind their products even though the products have been used negligently.
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