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Jason M.
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Hey All.

I have used Mobil One in my engines for the past 10 years or so. Recently after Mobil One's recent reformulation (Tri-Synthetic) I began to notice carbon deposits on the underside of the rocker cover in my 300E. It has 10k Miles on it since a dealer rebuild and I change my oil every 3000 miles (Yes, I change Mobil One at 3k too) I would attribute this to the car, but my 1999 4 door Chevy Dualie with a 454 is having the same thing occur to it and I have used Mobile One in it since the very first Oil Change. I use brand name filters and don't drive too radically... Has anyone else had these problems? They have only started within the past year for me after using Mobil for almost 10 years. Please post any replies you might find

1986 300E
1999 Chevy Crew Cab Dualie 454
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