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Love it, love it, love it. I used to have 300E which I customized the hell out of...then I got into a 1993 500SEL which IMO is the last great super luxury benz...but a great deal on this coupe combined with my sedan getting up in miles, combined with the fact that I'm no where near a family man convinced me to snap this coupe up. I love it! I can go two weeks without seeing another 140 coupe on the road, while I'll see 5 or more sedans if I drive around for more than an hour on any given day. Plus a buddy of mine has a WICKED CL600 with renntech/AMG engine and exhaust mods and a FAB sport kit, and it is a sight to be seen when we hit the streets together. The shorter wheelbase makes it sportier than the sedan as well...and you can't beat that big star in the grille...i'm thinking of subtly backlighting it to make it even more menacing

Just make sure you do through research. As Akry said, it's best to look for a 97 as it won't have any evaporator core problems or lower end shimmy (I don't have the evap core problem but I do need to replace my lower control arm bushings). I had the benefit of knowing the complete service history of the was very well taken care of, it had the rear hydraulic shocks redone as well as a $5000 (!) paint job by mercedes simply because the previous owner didn't like the pin stripe. Also, a '97 will have xenons and the smoother electronic transmission.

That said, you will pay much much more. I love my 94 and am willing to deal with the small issues it has. Keep us posted!! There don't seem to be many 140 coupe owners on mercedesshop, so I'd love some company
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