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hehe I didn't say I would combine it, but since it is true you can mix oils, thats all I wanted to make sure of, as it might have related to this post topic.

I agree that using only one kind of oil is key, but you can be on the road and need oil and be unable to get the mobil 1, and might have to settle for that other stuff. The mixability would have to be there, and some lubrication is better than none right?

Now to find a good supplier of mobil 1 for good price.

I have changed my oil once since getting my car, have Castrol in there now, and will be doing my next oil change with castrol again. My local pepboys never has mobil 1 in any flavor, maybe like one or two bottles.

I wouldn't say castrol is the best oil, because I would rather use mobil 1 but lack of availability when I had time to go to the store caused me to settle for the castrol.

Anyone know a place for mobil 1 in Los Angeles? Would costco have it? Should I find a walmart? or someother places?

in anycase, Thanks for confirming the mixability thing, just makes me feel better knowing that IF I had to to Mix brands, and thats an IF, It would not be disasterous. hehe

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