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Sorry I'm late picking up on this thread, but I want to interject for Benzmac's sake and for Mark Herzig.

I don't just drive "the extra mile" for Benzmac to take care of my 500E - I drive 97 miles - each way! Guys, it is worth it.

The week after Christmas I took it for him to do the 75k service. I described some very subtle things that the car was doing. I think he had suspicions that he confirmed by running some diagnostics helping confirm the dreaded wiring harness issue. Indeed, he called me back into the shop and showed me the insulation going on several of the wires.

If I had not already been through this once before with my '400E, he could have easily racked up 4-6 hours labor plus the markup on the $1k-plus harness. Nope, he told me to go to one of the Atlanta dealers and gave me the name of a service rep there to get it taken care of as an MB goodwill repair.

You see, several years ago (before I knew better) with my '400E, my local dealer kept the car for 6 days (and numerous test drive miles in lieu of knowing how to use the diagnostics tools) before they figured out it was a faulty harness. Only because my brother-in-law was a salesman there did HE get them to do a "goodwill" replacement - but I still had to split the labor cost.

The other day I finally got around to calling the service rep Benzmac recommended in Atlanta. I tell him what's going on and almost before I could finish he told me to bring the car so their shop foreman could confirm the harness is bad ("will only take five minutes," I can understand that). He will then fill out some paperwork and get the harness. Then I will schedule an appointment and they will replace the harness for me. No charge, no hassle. Much better situation than my local yo-yos before!

Mark, I wish you could have been as fortunate. It is certainly worth me taking a day off work and driving four hours to have the peace of mind that my baby is getting the service it deserves. Folks, if you want your Mercedes to have the best service and there's ANY way you can get it to Atlanta, Benzmac is the man to take care of it. No, he is not paying me to say this, either! :-)

Tim Vacula
'92 500E
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