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Originally posted by TonyFromWestOz
Guess what I bought:
The $70 battery and a heavy set of jumper leads.
Have you ever jumpstarted your car? I wasn't even aware it was possible, possibly barring a lucky run-in with another w123 diesel owner with a hefty battery. At least neither my grandma's 280SE nor my mom's Silverado truck could ever get mine started!

Originally posted by Rick Miley
Guess what I bought:
Look into getting an Optima battery. The CCA may be just a bit less, but they're not bothered as much by discharging from stupid stuff.
Originally posted by Jim Anderson
I put Sears marine/RV batterys in my Peugeot diesels with very good luck. They are designed to tolerate being killed.
I'm not exactly planning on draining my battery once a week; I mostly want to make sure I get a battery with a high reserve capacity so that that doesn't happen :p. The optimas that fit our cars seem to have less than two hours RC; I'd prefer something closer to three (some of those trojans suggested earlier would be great if the $(#@ things were a couple inches shorter!). Thanks for the suggestions though.

As for Mercedes-brand batteries... Who makes their batteries? What are the specs? I can't find a single bit of info on them...
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