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I have my car (1986 420SEL) in the shop right now having the castor rod joint replaced. Apparently the castor rod had rusted badly so they are taking it to the machine shop tomorrow to have it sand blasted and glass beaded. Anyways, to get at all this stuff they took off the wheels and springs, and found out that the springs on the car are not the original springs (these are the front ones) the springs on the car are not MB and are not even the right size. They are bigger than the original springs. My mechanic says they look like they are heavy duty springs and they are much larger than the ones that should be on the car. My question is this: should I run out tomorrow morning and get proper springs from an MB dealer and have my guy put them on when he puts the front end back together tomorrow. I am worried that I won't be able to have a proper allignement done since we don't know what kind of spring these are. Also, why would the idiot previous owner have done this to my car? Didn't he know he was just keeping my car until I took it from him? What do you think? Pay the 300 bucks for new springs (no charge to install as my mechanic would have to put the old ones back in anyways)? Or let it go? I think these springs lift my front end up anywhere from half inch to a full inch higher than it should be. This must effect my gas mileage on the highway, as well as handling. I haven't noticed any unusual wear on my tires since I bought the car, but when I bought it the inside front tire had a lot of wear (which I didn't notice until after I bought it).

So, New springs, or let it go?

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