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I concur with Yal, they should be able to read the trouble codes, unless I am wrong and this model won't store codes, but the ones that don't store codes should be older than a 92.

A few things I can think of:
Start the car and wait about the same amount of minutes as it takes to cover the 20 or 25 feet you say it takes before the light comes on. Or even longer, say maybe 30 sec or a minute, just to be sure. If the light isn't coming on if you don't move the car at all, it sorta makes sense that there is some problem with one of the wheel speed sensors, and yes I read that they were replaced. So maybe it isn't the sensor itself, but maybe in the wiring for example. They should, if they are an MB specialist shop, be able to establish a link to the ASR control module and read what the wheel speed sensors are reading, this should narrow down the search incredibly!
Another possiblity is sometimes certain wheel and tire changes will affect the speed sensor readings, so even if the sensors are fine, you can be getting some screwy readings due to the tire circumference being altered, especially if done unevenly front to rear.
If the throttle response is OK, and the engine idle is even, I wouldn't really think along the lines of the throttle actuator, yeah, that's some pretty expensive ammo the guy is utilizing in his "shotgun approach" to repairing cars.
Another outside possiblity, and PLEASE don't take this to mean "Gilly sez I need this part", OK, it's just a possiblity, is it could be either a voltage problem, ie a battery or alternator, OR a part you may have heard about called the "Overvoltage Protection Relay".
They really need to "ignore" the fact it's a Euro car and try getting a scanner on the car to find the DTC's and look at the readings for the wheel speed sensors, i think if they can do that that they could figure it out without all the guess work and expense. Unless there is something really weird about this being a Euro car, but they should be able to do better than this!

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