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My pleasure

Quoted from the shop print-out my tech gave me (gramattical errors were not corrected - I proofed this very carefully for accuracy of reproduction):

"The owner states that the engine dies intermittently when coming to a stop. (Maintenance note: This problem has been around for a long time. Mercedes-Benz has published several bulletins about the problem. See Diagnostic Directory 07.3-88043/30T93031/07.3-91043/54-89101/AF07.32-U-6701A & TIN 07.3/6. There are about a dozen things that can cause the engine to die. We normally see on about 3 or 4 cause all the problems. Sometimes there can be more than one of these things acting up at the same time. That's when it gets hard to find the problem. The components that cause the most trouble are the fuel pump relay, the flywheel position sensor, and the over load protection relay. We have also seen the Hall Effect sensor, the tachometer, the distributor cap and rotor, the ignition coil, the oxygen sensor, the ignition module (see D/D 15-89041), the idle air valve, temp sensor, wiring harness, EHA valve & the electronic accelerator (see D/D 30T93031). We try and replace the most common things first and if that doesn't take care of it then we get into the more unusual components.)"

Again, upon replacement of my fuel pump relay, mine hasn't stalled. Before I purchased mine, I drove my neighbor's 87 300E as a sort of test-drive-by-analogy to see if I'd like the model. I drove it exactly as he suggested (hard-with apologies to Hottee18 for all the advice we old guys gave to him on that subject awhile back) and I went red in the face when it stalled after coming down quickly from a very hard acceleration run. The owner had never had it going that fast and it had never stalled before. I cleared my throat, it restarted and we drove home. It hasn't stalled on him since. Probably undiagnosible.

Good luck.

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