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I e-mailed this to Donnie by mistake (should have been in this forum in the first place) and he was kind enough to reply.

I have a 1987 190 16v smoke silver auto. I replaced the rear shocks 2 years ago with the original Sachs brand. After I installed it, the car was lower because when I try to jack the car up at the back I have to raise the body a little bit otherwise the jack will not slide in. I notice that the hydraulic fluid is very dark, but full. The ride was fine though at that time.

I live in New York, after I switched to winter tires ( Blizzak) I noticed that the car bounce up more when I hit a small bump. I almost hit the roof of the car. What could be the reason, can you help? Also, I checked the coils and the multi links and the bushings are fine and tight. There are no leaks that I can see and the level is normal. Could it be the snow tires (proper pressure) or the cells are bad?

Donnie suggested that it might be the accumulator, are these the 2 oblong/round? parts near the shocks? I really appreciate it if someone can describe it for me. I also would like to ask if what is the life expectancy of the coils.

Great forum.

87 190 16v-automatic smoke silver
01 c320 silver
00 Impreza 2.5 RS/ Blue Ridge Pearl
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