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Go to this page to see pics of Euro lights on my 124

Pictures - Everyone contribute...!

For places to buy, there are a lot of places that carry the Euro lights, including http://www.************************ ,and . They can often be found used on ebay as well. There are also places that discount these items substantially. There is a Canadian site with great prices because the parts are cheaper than in the US - the Euro light was standard equipment there, I believe. Customs forms, import duties, exchange rates, and shipping offset the cost for me, however. I purchased some used grey market Hella units (with the MB star on the parts) from a parts place in California called and the price was lower than the Canadian site ($295 if I recall correctly). (They ship cross country). I highly recommend the lights, and the article on aiming them at , which also has great info on improving your headlight wiring. I recommend the following page for info on the bulbs that go in the lights - don't bother with the blue ones, they put out less light. The Xenon +30 or +50 bulbs are the ones to use, as they have a standard wattage but redesigned filament for 30% more light. Hope this helps.


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