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hehehe I just had to go along with ya longston, I love this board and I think I spend too much time here. I have to say that I will however still admit to doing wrong when I've done it(most of the time of course) .

As for the Shifting deal, well lets just say it like this:
Its all in the timing as mentioned before. Knowing when your car shifts normally is key, and being able to time your manual shifts is key. It just takes practice, though some might say, "you want to learn on your benz? Are you nuts?" hehe.. I say well you gotta learn somehow.

Now to sum up the other response I have now removed, I agree with everything thats been posted about the shifting. I don't really care for the stereotyping remarks, but those don't really bug me now that I think about it. I know what your point is, which is that us Gen X'ers have been stereotyped as being lazy, doing stupid things, and having less respect for our elders than previous generations did.

I think that is better said than what I had previously. hehe


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